5 reasons I haven’t been blogging

Hello guys, how are you doing?

It has been more than a month since my last post and I have to admit that I’m not a 100% happy with my presence here, it’s not my fault tho (or at least I’m not fully guilty).

1. I love school, but it’s killing me
School is completely taking and controlling my time and I need to stay focused and as you know blogging isn’t a priority. Tons of ideas are always coming into my head. I’m not stumped and I know what I want to post, I just don’t have time to make it work as I want.

2. I only want quality content
I could post random stuff  here to make up the fact that I don’t have time to post regulary, but I don’t and I’ll never do that. I prefer less posting but quality posting. I wan’t this blog to represent myself, my mind and part of my life, I’m not posting something that doesn’t mean anything to me just to fill the blog archive.

3. Awaiting for new things to come
I want to show all of you new and exciting stuff and  you just can’t make new things happening whenever you feel like posting. I always try to bring the best contents to my blog posts and if I need to wait for something to come true, I’ll do it. Lately, I’ve been (photography) shopping a lot on eBay and I want to post some unboxing and hauls but for that I need the items to arrive.

4. (the saddest reason) Poor 50mm, poor Gonçalo
While I was shooting “Youht Glows”, right in the begining of the shoot my camera just fell off the tripod and my 50mm lens got broken. Luckily nothing happened to the camera, but I’m still waiting for a new lens to arrive and I don’t really enjoy shooting without it.

5. Learning, Learning, Learning
Since I don’t  have my photography gear working properly or much time for fashion/conceptual work, I always try to take time to learn more and improve my photography skills. I’ve been exploring new tones, learning different post-production techniques and I’m also trying to get more photography business knowledge. A few days ago I’ve installed the new Adobe Creative Cloud and I really want to explore the new features and software. I’m also planning to get more into film photography.

I’ll be back soon.
Something BIG happened last week and I really want to share with you (but I’ll tell you next week!!!!)
Hope you have a nice weekend.


Youth Glows // Coming Soon

Finally I’m back to blogging, with a new design and new contents. I’m currently working on an upcoming project called “Youth Glows” with Nádia Mattos, there’s the teaser. I hope you like the new blog design, take the time to leave a comment and give me your opinion about it. I also invite you to like my facebook page and to follow my instagram at @gblackbans for more updates.

Stay tuned,